Dr. Zach Thomas

Education Award



2019 Zach Thomas Award Application
Submission Deadline: April 30, 2019




2018 Recipient of the Dr. Zach Thomas Award:
Velda Clark, Home Care, White Bear First Nations



2016 Recipient
Jenna Wiesner, Clinical Care Manager - Hospice at the William Booth Special Care Home/Regina Wascana Grace Hospice


2015 Recipients
Barb Hale, Palliative Care Services, Regina-Qu'Appelle Health Region
Judy A. Jones, Social Worker, Kelsey Trail Health Region


Purpose of Award


To promote palliative care education for individuals and/or groups in Saskatchewan.



Criteria for Award


- Applicants must hold a deep respect for the principles and values of the palliative care mission and philosophy.
- Must be used for the advancement of hospice or palliative care.
- Awards are made for programs, etc. which have direct application to hospice or palliative care.
- Applications shall identify the specific educational workshop, class or other academic object.
- Any project outline supplied shall be specific in both plan and timeline, and include projected costs.
- The award is open to persons living in Saskatchewan to benefit Saskatchewan residents.
- Recipients must have an individual or affiliate membership.



Information for Award


The award symbolizes the dedication, compassion and desire Dr. Zach Thomas had to further advance palliative care. It also recognizes individuals who show excellence in the field of palliative care.


Through the establishment of this award, it is hoped that more opportunities for education will be made available to those interested in ongoing education and excellence in the provision of palliative care services.


The award will be allocated on a yearly basis, to a maximum of $1,000 per year. The submission deadline varies from year to year within the month of March. Submission should be made in writing to the Saskatchewan Hospice Palliative Care Association by returning the attached form which is to include two (2) letters of reference. Feel free to enclose any other pertinent material that may help the evaluation of the application.


The applicant will be advised in writing of the decision of the Board of Directors. It is the expectation of the Board that the successful candidate will be in attendance at the Annual Meeting to receive the award, which is held yearly at the Saskatchewan Hospice Palliative Care Conference.



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